Welcome to my World.  More and more I am committing myself to work on my projects for at least a half hour a day.  Whether it is dna, designing a book for Christmas, or researching my own family tree, I always allow for my own pursuits.  I can be more creative with my own projects, which may help me find a great new thing to bring out for my customers.  Plus, I feel like I am doing something for me.  It keeps my mind fresh to change up what I am doing.   Right now I am making a short book for my family with photos on my siblings and I, segueing into my parents and their life and finally to our ancestors for Christmas.  It will be accompanied by a CD that has all the photos my Aunt gave me of my Grandma’s  photos.  I will be making at least 4 books and 10 CD’s.   If I start on my projects now, I will have them done by end of October.